2012 - 2014 m. PROJECTS

Social integration center 03-01-2013 signed support contract project’s “Friendly Social Integration Center environment by using Web 2.0 technologies“ (support contract no. CH-5-FM-1/41) implementation. Project funding by Republic of Lithuania and Swiss confederation cooperating program. Duration of the project – 12 months.

The main purpose of the project – form friendly internal and external Social integration center’s environment installing new management standards and Web 2.0 technologies.


Social integration center 16 August, 2012 together with social protection and work ministry of the Republic of Lithuania and Europe’s social fund agency signed project’s “Academy of equal opportunities: Accept. Encourage. Change” No. VP1-1.3-SADM-01-K-01-012, funding and administration contract. Project is funding by Europe’s Union fund by 2007-2013 Human Resources Development Operational program 1 priority “Quality employment and social inclusion” VP1-1.3-SADM-01-K measure “Reduction of discrimination and prevention of social problems in the labor market”.


2008 - 2011 m. PROJECTS

Prepared project of The Republic of Lithuania and Switzerland Confederation collaboration program’s, which aim is to decrease economical and social differences in the extended European Union, foundation by non-governmental organizations subsidies scheme. Application applied in 02-12-2011.
Project implemented in 2013.

In association with Lithuania‘s Christian charity and the found of Mercy “Samarija” prepared and implemented sub-project “Enabling partnership by increasing employees competence, crisis and crisis situations in families solution in Siauliai region” (2004-LT0009-TES-1NOR-02-033). Project‘s fund – 170 000 lt.
Social Integration Center – project’s partner.

"Creation of mediator assistant model and social partnership net for work with the convicted and people who have returned from imprisonment places" (2009 - 2010)
The aim of project:creation and testing of mediator and intermediation model in Siauliai region to people who have returned from places of imprisonment.
Main activities:
- To create intermediation methodology and to create and try mediator – assistant model.
- To create social partnership net between NGOs and state institutions using a good practise examples of foreign countries (by visiting Denmark insitutions).
Center of social integration is implementing a project funded by EEA and Norwegian financial mechanisms.

"The reduction of social risk and social exclusion of people, who are addicted to psychoactive substances, by enabling them to reintegrate into society and the labour market in Akmenes' district" (2009 - 2010)
The aim of project: complex reabilitation and integration to labour market – helping people to adjust to contemporary market labour conditions, requirements, to help in finding a job.
Main activities:
- To provide target group with psychological, social help by implementing various activities.
Main executor: The charity and support fund „Prieglobstis“ ( „Shelter“).
Center of social integration is a partner in a project funded by European social fund Agency

The reinforcement of the transfer of experience and strengthening of cooperation among local, regional and euro regional partners in Lithuania and Norway" (2008 - 2009)
The aim of project: to get familiar with Norwegian structure of social work, methods and implements increasing competence of employees who works with families who are in critical situation in Siauliai region (Lithuania).
Main executor: municipality of Joniskis which was first to establish a center of crisis for social groups, the centre will start working on 2009-210 and therefore it was necessary to:
- Study out work of Lithuania and Norwegian centers of crisis, methods of work that are used.
- Identify and prepare methods for working with families etc.
Social Integration Center was a partner in an international project funded by EEA and Norwegian financial mechanisms.

"EQUAL – TOWARDS THE OPEN DOOR" (3rd stage) (2007-06-01 - 2008-06-30)
The main aim: Encouragement of former prisoners’ initiative to change the public attitude and to reduce social exclusion in the society and the competitive labour market of Šiauliai region by applying innovative – experimental aids of role visualisation.
Main executor: Siauliai Region Correctional Inspection within Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.
Social Integration Center was a partner in a project funded by European social fund Agency.